Development of a tourist rental management platform


Vacation rental property management agency on the coast of Barcelona and Costa Brava. Their value proposition is focused on offering top-quality personal customer service as well as providing property owners with the maximum possible value. They have over 15 years of experience in dealing with clients from all over the world.






Tourist property rental management

The challenge

The problem

Vacation rental management agencies are too dependent on external platforms given that they are the reference for users looking for rental properties. The problem with these platforms is the high commissions that reduce the margin of these businesses excessively.


It is essential for these agencies to develop their own platforms where their clients can make reservations in a convenient way without incurring the high commissions of the most popular platforms. Doing so will help these businesses regain control and recover the economic margin necessary to build a sustainable business.

The solution


In order to analyze the needs of the business, a study of the existing technologies to develop a platform that would meet all the client’s needs was carried out. The platform had to allow users to make reservations, make payments for these reservations and view the individual calendars of each property, which had to be automatically updated, to check their availability.


Using WordPress we built the website with self-service capabilities for our client and with a focus on good UX and UI. Uploading new properties is now a very simple process that does not require manipulating the code of the web application. In addition, we added all the functionalities required by the client: individual calendars for each property that are automatically updated with the integration of the iCal feed, making credit/debit card payments by connecting the stripe payment gateway, and of course, the ability of the user to make requests and bookings for the listed properties.

The aftermath

Competitiveness and cost reduction

Now the agency has a new platform where its clients can make reservations at a lower price than in the other popular platforms and in turn, the business has seen an increase in its economic margin.


Website users now perceive the Medlocation brand in a different way, as they can complete the entire booking process without having to leave the business’ own ecosystem.