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Company culture

Before encouraging you to participate in our selection process, we think it would be of your interest to get to know our company culture better.

It is extremely important for the company that we all know where Vernetica is heading and to be able to communicate with full transparency the progress of our projects. We are transparent, and we believe that open communication between us is key to further progress.

In our team we are aware of the importance of keeping ourselves updated. To create products at the highest level we need to study the latest developments in technology, business operations, industries, among other exciting disciplines.

We are not big fans of roles, bureaucratic positions and traditional hierarchical titles. We believe that all people have an ingrained potential, and everyone can make a contribution by proposing any idea, concept, way of doing, thought that comes to mind openly. We like to listen, feel appreciated, accomplished and respect ourselves, all while sharing and debating different points of view.

Team play is an essential part to Vernetica and we encourage empathic behaviours among ourselves and with our clients. It is necessary to have a minimum of empathetic capacity to understand the potential meaning of each idea, thus taking advantage of all its value to develop the final correct decision.

We also prefer to work from our offices. We believe that it is the way to guarantee team cohesion and work in a more efficient manner. Gesticulating, smiling and expressing ourselves physically, we are much more communicative. To develop a product or concept as a team, we believe it is very important to work side by side. Sharing makes us grow as people and as professionals.

Available vacancies

Quality Assurance Engineer
Barcelona | In office | Full time
Product Designer
Barcelona | In office | Full time
Product Manager
Barcelona | In office | Full time
Data Analyst
Barcelona | In office | Full time
Full-Stack Developer
Barcelona | In office | Full time
No-Code Developer
Barcelona | In office | Full time
Big Data Developer
Barcelona | In office | Full time