Development of an MVP platform to buy and sell class notes


Minimum viable product of a web application focused on creating a platform to buy and sell university class notes. In addition, extra functionalities were created for the application, such as the development of a forum for students and an affiliate platform, offering students the ability to earn commissions for the sales they generated through their links.






2 months



The challenge

The problem

Nowadays, students face great challenges as they try to figure out their future careers. An uncertain future, and a high rate of youth unemployment, among others, are the current conditions for students, who usually have enough problems managing their time to study and work.


This is how JellyStudy began, a platform that aims to improve student life and create a more efficient academic community and experience. Through the JellyStudy marketplace, any student can contribute value to the platform and receive a reward for it.

The solution


Once the general vision of the platform was devised, we proceeded to look for the basic functions that the web application should have. These included the ability to upload notes in JPEG, PNG, PDF, or MP4 format at the desired price, the creation of an affiliate platform, the development of a student forum within the same application, and the ability to filter notes by country, university, career, and year.


We used the WordPress CMS to develop the web application. With PHP code we were able to add all the necessary functionalities to create the MVP and set the idea into action. We created the payment gateway for the marketplace through the stripe and PayPal APIs. For each transaction, there were 3 parties involved: the user who bought the digital product, the seller of the product, and the platform, which earned a commission.

The aftermath


The application works in an automated way, which means that management time is minimal and the business can focus on more strategic tasks.

Agility and adaptation

Thanks to the tools we use, we have a great capacity to adapt to the needs of the market.