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Analysts, strategists and engineers focused on people above all.

Our purpose

We help companies that need to quickly implement technology in their business to continue growing. Most of our clients are startups, small and large companies.

Society has been on a constant digital transformation, now companies must adopt these new technologies to leverage their capabilities and remain competitive in today’s markets. Going digital means reducing costs, expanding markets, increasing visibility and reputation, among other attractive advantages to increase and sustain our growth.

Consumer and business habits are evolving rapidly. The new digital paradigm is becoming increasingly important. Now, before going out for lunch, consumers tend to search for restaurants online, and the businesses that do not appear are automatically excluded.

Our philosophy is simple, what we sow is what we reap. We treat each project that we carry out as if it were our own, because the success of our clients fuels ours.

We work as a team

At Vernetica we like to constantly share new tech discoveries and advances as well as new ways of doing business and working. Our passion for solving complicated challenges and creating technological solutions, capable of overcoming each and every challenge that our clients expose us to, makes us unique.

We are a young company, and we believe that gives us a competitive advantage as we have seen how the passion to learn is very present in young people who want to take on the world. With humility, long working hours, research and the occasional coffee along the way, we are constantly awake, overcoming every challenge that gets in our way.

We believe in synergies between people. By collaborating we can go further than working individually. By working on great challenges and overcoming them, we have been able to build long-lasting professional relationships.

Our team is made up of people with a high degree of empathy. It is essential to understand the needs of our clients. Communication, as in any personal and professional relationship, needs empathy to recognise mistakes, share successes and progress towards the future.

Mariona M.

Head of Design

Marc D.

Head of Technology

Sergi E.

Business Development

Jordi C.

COO, Co-Founder

Adam S.

CEO, Co-Founder