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Marketing & communication services agency focused on boosting sales to increase growth in European markets and the UK. They specialize in association management, market development, brand strategy, and market research services.


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Marketing & PR

The challenge

The problem

In the world of marketing and communication, it is of vital importance to have a good online presence as well as a website that shows the creative capacity and authority necessary to attract great clients from all over the world.


Nowadays, online portfolios are indispensable for any business. Showing the products or services that have been developed or elaborated adds value. It is also important to keep in mind that, given the digital world in which we live in, we tend to search online before hiring a service or making sure we buy the exact product we want.

Considering the portfolio of international clients that Smartpublics works with, they required a multi-language website as well as a portfolio of clients and projects.

The solution


Analyzing the competition we noticed that most websites in the marketing and communications sector are very complex and full of irrelevant information. We wanted to simplify the information displayed to present a clear and concise idea of the services offered by our client. All this, while applying a dynamic, modern, and differentiated design, always linked with the Smartpublics brand.


Using WordPress we built the website with capabilities of self-management for the client. Uploading new images, projects or clients is now a very simple process. We added optimizations to ensure that the website did not lose quality and improving the loading speed of the site.

The aftermath


Now the business has online visibility and is able to attract customers from all over the world through the website.


The eye-catching and differentiated nature of the website and brand will certainly not leave any future client indifferent.