Corporate website of the company's gastronomic experiences


Company focused on the catering industry. It organizes large live cooking events and serves a large volume of diners. Its philosophy is not to use precooked products or add artificial additives to its elaborations, it also only purchases its ingredients from local suppliers. They offer a high quality gastronomic product.







The challenge

The problem

Show cooking is an area of catering that focuses on cooking dishes live in front of diners. They offer a unique experience, adding more value to their elaborations and showing the skill of the cooks in the elaboration of the dish. They also serve the dishes on the spot and maintain all the flavor and quality at the time of serving.

Defining any experience is complicated, especially when our senses are involved. The goal of creating the website was to illustrate different images of events, and carefully crafted dishes and to show some of the culinary skills involved in the process. The idea was also to make the website as simple and minimalistic as possible, simply illustrating the essentials.


Nowadays, portfolios are indispensable for any business. Showing the products or services that have been developed or elaborated adds value. It is also important to take into account that, given the digital world we live in, we tend to do an online search before hiring a service or making sure we buy the exact product we want. In many cases, it helps to encourage purchases and have more visibility.

The solution


When analyzing the competition, we noticed that most websites in the hospitality industry are very complex and full of irrelevant information. We wanted to simplify the information presented in the portfolio as much as possible and add graphic elements that self-define the service offered.


Using WordPress we built the website with the ability and ease of self-management by the client. Uploading new images is now a very simple process. We added optimizations to ensure that the website did not lose quality, minimizing the load time of the website.

The aftermath


Now the business has online visibility, and anyone who searches for the catering company on google will see its incredible gastronomic experiences in the first position.


It is not very common to see gastronomic portfolios. Most companies in the hospitality sector do not have web pages, and if they do, they are often outdated.