Automation of the business through the development of IT systems


Medlocation is a tourist property rental manager that focuses on offering fully personalized and high-quality services for both tenants and owners. They also count on more than 15 years of experience dealing with international clients.






Tourist property rental management

The challenge

The problem

Much of the value of a vacation rental management business derives from its organizational capabilities, which is why creating digital and automated systems was Medlocation’s top priority. These processes should centralize all booking and pricing data for all properties on every rental platform in use, standardize the company’s billing, manage the cleaning crews and other staff, and centralize data and photos for each property.


To ensure the smooth running of the business and thus offer the best possible value to its customers, a business must establish systems and processes to manage the business. The development of automated digital systems minimizes human error, avoids saturation at times of high demand, and organizes information to improve employee productivity.

The solution


Analyzing the business needs, we proceeded to make an initial mapping of all processes and day-to-day tasks. Once these were defined, a study of the existing technologies that could help us develop systems adapted to the company’s processes was carried out. With this analysis we were able to create a new mapping of the optimal structure of the business taking into account the solutions that the technology could provide, as well as its limitations and the client’s needs.


The creation of the processes to achieve efficient business management was based on the development of different databases connected through an API (Application Programming Interface) to a web application that served as a user interface. In addition, due to the automations created, a centralized reservation and customer communication system was designed. This was possible thanks to web scraping and email parsing technology, as the most popular property rental platforms do not allow access to all the relevant information about properties and bookings.


We automated the data collection process by feeding a database with the information extracted from the different platforms our client uses. We were also able to create several dashboards with the most relevant statistics and KPIs for business management and control, as well as individual dashboards for each property.

The aftermath

Efficiency and speed

The business managers have seen an astonishing reduction in time spent on invoicing tasks and all the other repetitive tasks in general. They can now devote time to their customers and property owners.

Higher capacity and scalability

Currently, the day-to-day running of the business depends on its systems and processes, not only on the company’s managers, who can now dedicate their efforts to more strategic and long-term tasks. Moreover, with the processes developed, the company is able to grow and scale.