Online education platform


It is a digital education community whose objective is to train people to invest following an investment method based on probabilities, common sense, and avoiding abusive commissions. Since 2016 they have developed an investment method that achieves much better results than most professional investors.






Online education

The challenge

The problem

In order to provide online training, it is necessary to find a place to upload all the course’s content, to be able to track the progress of the students enrolled in the courses and to be able to provide live training modules.

Most online platforms are limited in offering all the required functionalities. In such a competitive and mature industry, it is necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition. Having a unique style helps to form an identity and a sense of relevance to the existing and future audience.


The infoproduct industry has rapidly expanded over the last five years. Generating high returns for influencers, artists, and professionals with a vocation for teaching in a digital format has been made possible due to this rise in the popularity of infoproducts. They monetized their audiences on social networks in a relatively simple way.

The ease of use of the e-learning platforms that emerged at the time, such as Thinkific, Teachable, Hotmart, among others, helped accelerate the growth of the online training industry. Dedicating efforts to creating a good presentation of the educational content was enough to be able to start invoicing.

The market began to mature and ultimately stagnated. It became difficult to continue to grow at the same pace as in previous years. It was necessary to increase the quality of the educational content, stop uploading pre-recorded videos to these platforms and start broadcasting live on a recurring basis to improve the experience of the people who were part of the community.

The solution


The aforementioned platforms did not offer any possibility to broadcast live. The cost of the platforms started to become more and more expensive and they were no longer attractive. Any third-party platforms (i.e. specialized e-learning platforms where each training content producer had a dedicated space) did not provide any edge for our client to be able to fully differentiate themselves. The competition used the same third-party platforms to create their courses, with very limited room for improvement. The choice was made to develop a unique academy.


Moodle is a tool used mainly by universities. It is considered an LMS (Learning Management System) and is open source. Using this online learning platform we could reach very high levels of customization and adaptability. We decided to work with this platform and installed the system on our servers. We were able to develop the functionalities we were looking for, specifically the possibility to broadcast live classes integrating Blackboard technology (a platform specialized in online teaching) in Moodle.


We seamlessly migrated all existing student accounts and configured the database to be able to accept new registrations in Moodle once the interested parties paid for the training.

We also implemented an automatic update system to keep the academy always online and self-managed.

The aftermath


The online training academy has differentiated itself from its competitors through innovation. In addition to improving the quality of training, the community has been able to continue to grow without stagnating. The feeling of relevance remains very high and the students are delighted.

More capabilities

The customization and functionalities of the academy have made the centralization of all the training content in one place possible. Moodle is also a free-to-use platform, which means our client is not being tied to monthly fees with a high price as in the case of third-party platforms.